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It was created through an innovative approach to optimising office space, combining: providing provision of the highest acoustic comfort, maximum use of available space, mobility of solutions (furniture can be expanded and easily moved from one place to another) and ecology.

PURE acoustic wall and ceiling claddings form a modular system with many possible material variants, providing the freedom to create space of space creation.

Discover our latest products for the office: mobile meeting Rooms – ESSENTIAL line, designed for your comfort and creativity, inspired by nature. Also enrich your space with PET eco-friendly acoustic cladding – SOUNDBLOCK, made from recycled plastic bottles and available in many designs and colours.


New product line

ESSENTIAL – mobile acoustic rooms that provide complete privacy for meetings and video conferences. Their user-friendly design avoids the feeling of a ‘work cubicle’, and the window effect – daylight lighting at eye level – has a positive effect on the users’ well-being and creativity stimualtion. Extensive customisation options for colours and finishing materials guarantee a perfect match with the character of the interior.

Eco-friendly PET acoustic cladding – SOUNDBLOCK – is a diverse range of designs and colours that will enhance a space while improving the acoustic comfort of the room. We have opted for modularity in the designs to enable the cladding to be used in large panels as well as in ’tiles’. The product is completely eco-friendly, made from recycled plastic bottles.

SMART open space partitioning means quarantees freedom of arrangement, the ability to adapt and modify the space according to the user’s needs, separation of zones and creation of functions. SMART system solutions ensure improved interior acoustic comfort.

The FRAME powerpole system is a unique approach to planning a work zone in an office where running a standard power supply is difficult or impossible.
FLEX acoustic screens are a solution to help reduce the impact of ambient noise on working comfort. The design with tabletop mounting brackets means they can be used in freestanding desks, double-sided strings, as well as desks with height-adjustable work surfaces.

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Cladding with absorption and dispersion functions to create an acoustic aura. They eliminate resonances and colourations allowing you to enjoy the purest sound in an enclosed space. They are to be used in facilities with special acoustic requirements: concert halls, theatres, cinemas and auditoriums.

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